*EDIT* Sadly the time for this giveaway is passed. This tutorial is no longer available for free but can still be purchased from the store as normal for £4.00.

Hi Everyone!  Exciting news, I’m offering a *FREE* tutorial in this months competition. Everyone can enter and no purchase is necessary. All you have to do is CREATE AN ACCOUNT with us by clicking here if you don’t already have one (*please note, all personal information is stored securely) and find the correct answer to the competition question below.

The prize is the Ankh Pendant Tutorial. It can be found in the shop selling for £4.00 by clicking here. Simply add the tutorial to your basket then enter the competition’s answer as the coupon code. The tutorial will then be *FREE* in your basket. Proceed to checkout where you will ‘purchase’ the tutorial for £0.00. The link to download the tutorial can then be found in your account.

OK so here’s the competition question: What eight letter word means the opposite of “cameo”?

Good luck everyone! Have fun and enjoy your tutorial. Love and hugs, Karon xxx


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  1. Clearly incorrect advertising. No ‘sign up’ or ‘create account’ on my screen! So how do I enter competition?

      • I do apologise for the problems you’ve experienced Hazel. I understand from your comments on FB that you have now managed to access your free tutorial. We did try and find an easier way around things with the competition but unfortunately we couldn’t. We are always happy to help so please feel free to message us either here or on our FB page at any time. For future reference there’s a sitemap on the top white bar directly above the Beaddistinct banner. Enjoy your tutorial and have a lovely day xxx

    • I am really sorry you’re having difficulties Hazel. The ‘sign up’ option is in the white bar directly above the ‘Beaddistinct by Karon Crawford’ banner. I hope this helps but don’t hesitate to message me again if you experience any other problems. Love, Karon xx

  2. Hi Suzanne! So sorry I didn’t make it clear, of course you can enter if you’re already signed up. I was letting people know that they had to have an account in order to gain access to the tutorial so please go for it and enjoy. Have a great day, love Karon xxx

  3. You’re very welcome and well done Lynn. I hope you enjoy your tutorial and please post photos of your finished Ankh on my FB page I would love to see it xxx

  4. Ever the slow-bee (a variation of newbie, me thinks). Finally managed to work out what to do in relation to the DL-ing of the tutorial. Thanks 🙂

  5. Love your work and hope to continue to ge inspired by you. Just wish i had such talent…i cant enter compition as doesnt show on this phone… sob

    • Hi Aileen! Thank you very much for the wonderful compliment. The site admin is sending you an email to try to clear up the issue your having. Love, Karon xx

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