Meet the Designer

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  • Karon is an award winning jewellery designer, born and living in Cardiff, South Wales with her husband and three sons.

    Throughout her life Karon always had an artistic nature and dabbled in oil painting, life drawing, origami, and sewing. As young children, her sons were never without the latest superhero play costume that Karon would make herself.

    About ten years ago Karon became interested in jewellery design and studied this as a hobby, in particular the jewellery of ancient cultures. However, it wasn’t until 2010, while browsing the magazines in the local supermarket, that Karon stumbled upon one for jewellery making. She immediately went out to buy the materials for one of the projects and the rest, as we say, is history. Although Karon started with bead weaving, it is wirework that has become her true passion. In 2011 she began designing jewellery making projects for Make & Sell Jewellery magazine, the very magazine that started it all and was voted ‘Favourite M&SJ Designer 2013’ in the magazine awards. During her first year with the magazine she was asked to design projects on behalf of the Jewellery Maker TV channel. These proved to be so popular with the readers that Karon was invited to a screen test to become one of Jewellery Maker’s guest designers which she did for 4 years. Karon has also contributed to the designer challenge for Beads & Beyond magazine on several occasions.

    Always ready to learn something new and broaden her horizons, Karon is now looking into combining other mediums with her wirework.