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Well it’s been a while since I last posted because I’ve been so busy and the good news is there’s a new intermediate level tutorial available https://beaddistinct.co.uk/product/pickles-the-cat-brooch-tutorial-intermediate/ . This is my most detailed tutorial to date with 50 steps. It’s a pretty little gemstone ‘Cat’ brooch that I’ve named after my very first pet, Pickles and offers the chance to learn some great techniques including how to make your own brooch pin. Brooches are certainly enjoying  a huge revival at the moment and are very on trend. For those that find necklaces awkward to wear and especially those of you with long hair, brooches are a great alternative; out of the way but will still give elegance and glamour to any plain outfit. A brooch is a great accessory to take you from office to evening wear and this one will allow that fun side of your personality to shine through.

OK I’ve just used the term accessory and I have to say that when it comes to jewellery, that’s not a term I’m fond of. Why? Well jewellery is much more than that, it’s making a statement about the person you are. Of course throughout history it’s been used as a status symbol but also in most cultures jewellery is known to have been gifted as symbols of good luck or love or spiritual harmony and still is today. It’s something special, it’s something that can be passed on as a family heirloom and it’s how we communicate a special message to a loved one or friend. Beyond that we also use jewellery to tell people about ourselves. Some of us love to capture attention by wearing bold, colourful jewellery while others may prefer to show their quieter personality by wearing jewellery that’s elegant but understated. For me, jewellery is the main part of any outfit, I pick jewellery for the occasion first and plan my outfit around it. For me it’s an art form that will never get boring and the best thing about this art form is you get to take it with you and show it off wherever you go. So embrace your inner magpie folks, enjoy your sparklies lol and most of all enjoy creating. Sending you all love and hugs, Karon xxx

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  1. Lovely post and like the look of your blog Karon. I might have to have a go at the brooch! I am in agreement with your comments regarding jewellery, it really is a statement, in fact, sometimes I have to think… “ooo I can’t wear this piece today, it says far too much for where I’m going…”!
    Peace to you and many blessings!
    Maxine xxxx

  2. This is so true, I love statement jewellery on others but not on me, and of course I am a fan of your makes. Jewellery can make a plain outfit look special. x

    • Exactly, jewellery is wearable art and whether it’s big and bold or elegant and understated it always makes us feel just a little more glam and special. Thank you for the feedback Christine it’s much appreciated xxx

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