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Hi everyone! It’s been ages since I added to my blog, there never seems to be enough hours in a day. So what’s been happening and what’s new? Well mum’s health took a turn for the worse, hence the fact that new tutorials aren’t happening as fast as I’d hoped. She’s a tough old bird though and is rallying well so I’m spending more time caring for her. My youngest son Mitchell has been on a metal smithing course and is due to start a more advanced course soon so, who knows, I might have to make a new page on Beaddistinct for him to sell his wears. He also did a course in design a few years back so this should come in handy for him now. It would be great to make this a family business especially as my middle son Harrison is the website admin and he also built this website for me. Not an easy task as he had to learn everything from scratch. My eldest son Stuart is getting married next year so we all have something exciting to look forward to. Hubby, forever my biggest fan, continues to plod along in his usual laid back way and has developed a talent for writing his own particular brand of poetry, usually about sport or current events.

So what’s new with the tutorials? Well I’m pleased to announce that since my last post, I’ve added a new advanced level Winged Scarab tutorial to Beaddistinct, (click here) AND! you get the Wire Collar tutorial FREE when you purchase the Winged Scarab tutorial for £7. If you don’t want the Winged Scarab but would like the Wire Collar tutorial, you can buy it separately for £3 (click here).

I’m taking a break for a while to care for mum but I hope to get at least one new tutorial done in time for Christmas so I will keep you all posted. Take care folks and enjoy creating! Love and hugs, Karon x

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