*EDIT* Sadly the time for this giveaway is passed. This tutorial is no longer available for free but can still be purchased from the store as normal for £4.00.

Hi folks! Exciting news! For one week only, until midnight of Tuesday 8th March 2016, there’s another chance for you to claim a *FREE* intermediate level, Triskelion Pendant tutorial (worth £4) in our new Word Search. First of all if you are a new customer you will have to create an account with us, by clicking here, in order to gain access to any of the tutorials. If you are already a customer, you can skip this stage but don’t forget to sign in. You have to be signed in to access the tutorial. All you have to do then is click here to take you to the tutorial and click ‘add to basket’. The tutorial will show up as £4 but you will see an option to add a ‘Coupon code’. Enter the correct answer to the ‘Word Search’ question as the coupon code and click ‘Apply Coupon’. Then click ‘check out’ and you will then buy the tutorial for £0.00. You then go to ‘Your Account’ where you will find the link for the tutorial. Click on the link (written in red) to download it to your computer.  When you have successfully downloaded the tutorial please remember to save it to your documents folder as we can only allow one download per purchase.  Please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions first as there are copyright rules to comply with.

OK! Without further ado, here’s the Word Search question:

Rubies and Sapphires are the same gem, they are both corundum. The only difference between them is their colour which is determined by different trace elements. For example, in order for a sapphire to become blue the trace elements titanium and iron must be present.  So to claim your free tutorial, what is the 8 letter word for the trace element responsible for the red colour in ruby?

Please feel free to message me either here or on my Facebook page if you experience any problems or have any questions and I will do my best to help. Good luck with your word search and enjoy your free tutorial x

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