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Hi everyone! Well the free tutorial Word Search is now over. I hope you enjoyed it and got your free tutorial. Please post photos of your finished piece on the Beaddistinct Facebook page as I would love to see them and it’s great for others to see the feedback.
So! Did you get right answer? The Word Search Question was:
Rubies and Sapphires are the same gem, they are both corundum. The only difference between them is their colour which is determined by different trace elements. For example, in order for a sapphire to become blue the trace elements titanium and iron must be present. So to claim your free tutorial, what is the 8 letter word for the trace element responsible for the red colour in ruby?

The answer of course is chromium, the same trace element responsible for green in emeralds and chrome diopside and just for fun here’s the trace elements responsible for some of the other colours of sapphire:
Yellow – iron
Padparadscha – iron and chromium
Pink – a small amount of chromium, higher amounts produce ruby
Purple – a small amount of vanadium. Larger amounts will produce colour change sapphires.

Future news for Beaddistinct is a new Cat Brooch tutorial which should be available by the end of this week and I will post here as soon as it’s been added to the website. There’s also another Celtic design in the pipeline and I’m in the process of developing designs for intermediate level add on charms to go with the charm bracelet tutorial already available in the shop. I will keep you updated about their availability.

Quick update for the Tie Necklace tutorial. I know there’s a lot of you out there eager to get hold of this so just to let you know that the copyright still belongs to Make & Sell Jewellery magazine until November of this year when it will revert back to me. With this in mind I will have it ready to be added to the website as soon as this happens so that it will be available to purchase in time for Christmas.

Have a great day folks, love and hugs, Karon xxx

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