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Good morning everyone! Well I’m laid up in bed with a badly sprained ankle at the moment. This accident occurred while on live tv at Jewellery Maker………………………yep! live tv! Brilliant! No one does clutz quite like me lol. So there I am sat on a stool making up my challenge design on the show. I’m at an awkward angle and it makes my foot go numb so I think ‘I know! let’s get off the stool and walk around a bit to bring the circulation back’ which I do. What I don’t realise, due to numbness of foot, is that I’ve stood on something and of course I loose balance and go over on my ankle at quite a severe angle. OUCH! I am now feeling pretty sick and dizzy due to extreme pain, the poor presenter has to announce they are going to break to help me because she can see I’ve injured myself and the crew are trying to help me out of the studio to get me sat down with an ice pack on my ankle. I have managed to cause chaos! Anyway after a few moments I was able to hobble back into the studio and finish the show but not without a few jokes and titters of relief from the crew hahahaha!

So what has this got to do with the design process I hear you ask? I’m getting there, honest! lol! While I was on the show we touched on the subject of the difference between design and technique because the challenge piece I made was very simple compared to the demoed designs. Techniques are the building blocks of a design; a design is how those techniques are put together. As I explained on the show (and as a designer) I think it’s important to explore all the possibilities of each technique and learn how to create a well balanced design with that before going onto a more advanced stage; there’s not much point in learning lots of fancy advanced techniques if you’re not sure how to put them together so that the finished piece looks well balanced. I guess what I’m saying is enjoy the journey through each skill level and try to resist the temptation to skip levels. With this in mind and having started out with my most popular designs to launch the website, I’m now going to concentrate on organising the tutorials into groups and include some beginner level tutorials so that you, the customer, can see which would best suit you and what the natural progression would be from there. Thank you to Trisha for emailing me with these suggestions they are brilliant and if any one else would like to message me with suggestions they would be gratefully received. Have a wonderful day everyone xx

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